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Ford Mustang

от 3 500 rub./hour


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Mercedes E cabrio

3 500 rub./hour


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BMW 640i

3 500 rub./hour


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BMW 640 White

3 500 rub./hour


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Chevrolet Camaro

от 3 500 rub./hour


Sanaev Moscow gives you the lease of sports cars in Moscow. To date, no one is surprised by the limousines and ordinary foreign cars that meet on the roads, and so you want to get out of the everyday atmosphere. For a special, unforgettable evening in Moscow, sports car hire is perfect.

A sports car is a two-passenger car that has high-speed qualities, a powerful engine, and a low landing.

A sports car, under the hood of which hundreds of horses are hidden, is associated with wealth and luxury, because such cars can only be found in the collections of millionaires. For fans of speed, sport and at the same time stylish accompaniment sports car will be an ideal choice.

Advantages of renting a sports car
Rent a sports car on the roads of Moscow - always a winning option. After all, this car has a lot of advantages:

reliability of engineering technologies used to assemble cars of this class;
attractive design, thanks to which the sports car is easy to distinguish from other cars of the representative class;
exclusivity, which makes it feel special, in the center of attention on the roads of the city.
Our fleet of vehicles is ready to offer the ideal option, a truly exclusive and luxurious phenomenon on the roads of Moscow - a sports car.

Get rich emotions when renting a sports car
Ordering the rental of sports cars you will feel the indisputable advantages of this car. Sports cars are an aggressive combination of the latest technologies, advanced in terms of materials characteristics and, of course, the latest developments of one of the unit companies. With the visit to our showroom, luxury becomes closer than you think. With us, you can not only impress others, but also really feel that the car is definitely worth its money.

Look in the fleet of sports cars and choose which of them will spend the day with you. All cars are serviced and always in excellent condition. We have long warmed up your patience and invite you to review our catalogs.

Rent of sports cars without driver
We do not create barriers for admirers of excellent quality. Those who perfectly feel their strength on vacation, rent a sports car without a driver in Moscow. The cost in this case is negotiated individually. In exchange for this you will get an unforgettable feeling of an incredible kind of car standing in front of your porch. You will only have to choose a sports car and the date of using a unique car. To the contracted time, the machine will be served.

For what purposes can I order a sports car?
A sports car can become a token of any meeting. Such a car will help to impress without any special work. <br /> Besides the romantic evenings that such a car can brighten up, it is also worthwhile to highlight other events taking place in the life of each person, which you want to remember and make special.

Sportcar is a great idea for a present on the day of majority, with which, as with youth, such concepts as high speed and expressiveness are associated. Wedding. A sports car for the bride and groom is something crazy and completely new.

A sports car is a kind of auto that surprises a person of any age. Imagine how much joy the child will bring by giving a birthday trip to a sports car around the city. Knowingly the film "Cars" is so popular all over the world.

Sportcar will be an excellent attribute for a photo shoot in almost any style, a beautiful car can both supplement the image, and become a key model when creating a photo. Everything depends on the ideas, desires and fantasies that Sanaev Moscow will help to realize with great pleasure.

A sports car can become a token of any meeting. Such a car can easily make an impression. In addition to romantic evenings, which can brighten such a car, it is worth highlighting other events taking place in the life of every person who want to remember, make special.

For those who want to spend a day in a crazy trip around Moscow, the best choice will be renting a sports car. Sanaev Moscow carries out high-quality technical maintenance of cars, and the advanced security system gives the chance to enjoy the power of the sports car by 100%.