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Mercedes 221

with driver


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Mercedes 212

Цвет: белый
Салон: черный
с водителем
1 400 руб./час


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  • mers-213-sanaevmoscow.jpg
Мерс 213 black

Цвет: черный
Салон: черный
с водителем
1 500 руб./час


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Mercedes 222 white

Цвет: белый
Салон: светлый
с водителем
3 500 руб./час


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  • 222mersedws-benz-sanaevmoscow-6.JPG
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  • w-mercedes-s-class-w222-1-0elgj.png
Mercedes 222 Black

Цвет: черный
Салон: светлый/черный
с водителем
3 500 руб./час


  • san-mos-sl-1.jpeg
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  • san-mos-sl-9.jpeg
Mercedes SL

Цвет: белый
Салон: светлый
от 17 000 руб./день
от 3 000 руб./час


  • mos-san-mers-e-1.jpeg
  • mos-san-mers-e-2.jpeg
  • mos-san-mers-e-3.jpeg
  • mos-san-mers-e-4.jpeg
  • mos-san-mers-e-6.jpeg
  • mos-san-mers-e-7.jpeg
  • mos-san-mers-e-8.jpeg
  • mos-san-mers-e-9.jpeg
Mercedes E cabrio

Цвет: белый
Салон: светлый
от 20 000 руб./день
от 3 500 руб./час


Where can I rent a Mercedes in Moscow? The answer is simple - Sanaev Moscow. Mercedes is a brand of premium cars, one of the most recognizable and coveted cars in the world. Laconic design and high quality from German manufacturers are preserved throughout the history of the existence of the Mercedes. The idea of chic, luxury, rich life and comfort is the foundation created by this brand. Ease of management, maneuverability, powerful engine - all these qualities combine this car. Moreover, for a more comfortable arrangement of passengers Mercedes has adjustable seats, as well as a heating and massage system. A convenient and simple control will help you feel safe in all weather conditions.

Rent a Mercedes for a wedding

Renting a Mercedes for a wedding will be an excellent option: the car will perfectly emphasize the significant path to a new bright future. In addition, a photo session with a car will supplement the family photo album with interesting frames that will remain in your memory and will please for many years. The color of the car is important. Here we can offer a classic version for the wedding, namely Mercedes white color. White car - this is like the continuation of the train of the bride, which is very important while respecting the whole composition. Anomalous design that fits most wedding styles, whether it's a retro wedding, vintage, provence, cheby-chic .. We, like many companies, rent a Mercedes for a wedding with a driver, so you just have to sit in the car and enjoy the holiday .

Hire a Mercedes with a driver

If you need a beautiful car for any solemn event, we suggest you use the service of renting a Mercedes with a driver. You do not need to worry about knowing the location or car. Our high-quality drivers will take you on a pre-agreed route.

The service of renting a Mercedes in Moscow with a driver will allow you to relax, relax and not worry about how you will get home. Our drivers are smart, delicate and professional. They hire you on the desired route, and you will relax in a relaxed atmosphere, without worrying about anything.

Why is it worth to order a rental of mercedes from us?

We can name a few reasons why you need to rent a mercedes from us:

Our machines are in excellent technical condition. We regularly conduct a technical inspection of our fleet in order to provide quality and reliable service to our customers.
Our drivers are delicate, reliable and professional. They perfectly know the location of the streets and will be able to take you to the specified location in the shortest possible time.
Choosing a mercedes hire, you can be sure that the car will be delivered in time to the specified place.

Rent a Mercedes will not leave you indifferent

Renting a Mercedes you will not be disappointed, since this car has a fairly spacious interior, which is necessary for convenience. The German brand Mercdes, which appeared in the early twentieth century, deserved the recognition of all car owners. These cars have a number of advantages:

  • quality of used materials in the assembly of cars;
  • design and interior decoration;
  • smooth movement;
  • comfort and safety;
  • representativeness, a sign of success.

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