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Bentley black

3 500 rub./hour


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Bentley Continental GT

25 000 rub./hour


Having ordered Bentley in Moscow for rent, your appearance will be bright and memorable for the people present. In a large metropolis, a car plays an important role in the image of a person, emphasizing its status. At significant events, business meetings, many want to make a good first impression, as they meet on clothes - escorted to the mind. Renting Bentley will allow you to look spectacular and attract special attention, because this car is a sign of luxury and prosperity.


Rent Bentley as an addition to any holiday

On a significant holiday occasionally you want something unusual - Bentley's rental in Moscow will perfectly complement and embellish your celebration. A comfortable luxury car with an excellent interior design, equipped with leather interior will complement any image and style. Renting a Bentley will leave the culprits of the celebration indelible sensations on the trip due to the convenient seating arrangement and quality cladding materials. The built-in air conditioning system, which can be controlled by every passenger in the back seat, will ensure the optimum temperature in the car.


Bentley wedding rental

Do you want your wedding and no less important appearance in the registry office to be a bright evoking colossal emotion among the guests? We recommend renting a Bentley for a wedding. Moments of the wedding day in the expensive interior of the salon will remain not only in memory, but will also be captured on the original frames. An excellent, roomy interior will provide a lot of ideas for wedding photos. Looking at the future pictures you will want to return or create a new reason for yourself to visit it.

No less than the unmatched appearance of the rented Bentley for the wedding will surpass your expectations and all those around you. A cartoon beginning with an expensive fashionable car will attract the attention of any generation. When leaving the car, be prepared for the enthusiastic words and emotions of the guests invited by you. Elegant curves of the body complement the luxurious image of the bride, her curves and elegance. A photo session with your chosen Bentley rental will become bright and memorable for all guests.

Choosing a car for a celebration, be sure the rental of Bentley in Moscow is all you need for vivid emotions, pictures and maximum convenience on this day.